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Dr. Will Cole

New Year New Me!

New Year New Me!

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Included in this bundle:

Calm Yourself
Calm Yourself brings together 3 personally curated supplement blends using the earth’s finest ingredients that are discussed in Dr. Will Cole’s book The Inflammation Spectrum. The ingredients present in each of these supplements work synergistically to support healthy, balanced stress, inflammatory and detox pathways, promoting mental clarity and relaxation.

Intuitive Fasting, by Dr. Will Cole
In this game-changing book, Dr. Will Cole illustrates the most effective ways to fast and eat to amplify the health benefits of intermittent fasting, balancing rest and repair with clean, nutrient-dense, delicious foods. Along with more than 65 recipes, he also includes a maintenance plan, so you can adapt fasting and feeding windows to sustainably work with your lifestyle.

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